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Far Cry 2

Penulis Fahri 10 February 2009

When referring to the success of some of the multiplayer game, such as Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4, it is difficult to imagine a game like that with the quality equal or even may exceed the second game will surface in the near future. Of course, the effect to the game Far Cry 2 multiplayer artificial Ubisoft, which almost does not have anything new when compared to other FPS games bergenre.

Far Cry
But in fact, Far Cry 2 multiplayer games including the most neat and have a balanced composition. One of the most interesting game mode available in this game is Uprising, in which one player will have an important position Letnan appointed to the central point in the third game map, while other team members responsible for maintaining the safety of the Lieutenant. In addition, several other modes, like capture the diamond (flag), deathmatch, team deathmatch, and also jazz up a list of game modes in this game with the map of 14 games. Not behind the map editor feature, which allows the player to design the map as you wish each time, similar features Forge in Halo 3 game.

Far Cry
Category of weapons is divided according to certain classes; class Commando engine using weapons (machine gun), Sharshooter (Rifle), Guerilla (shotgun), Rebel (Flamethrower), Gunner (heavy machine gun), and Saboteur (dart Rifle). Some demo of the game there, it is recommended to use class Commando, Guerilla, and Gunner, as clearly visible in the game is a great physical strength more useful than relying on tactics rather than strategy. You can increase the weight of the weapons you collect with jewel jewel-red blood, which is a version of XP in this game, and enter it in the slot-slot available in your arms.

Far Cry
In addition, Far Cry 2 is also overlooking the beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature, with some added visual effects make it more impressive, such as heart care use Flamethrower, because not only can you membumihanguskan the area around you, but one-one members of the team you are joining burned. The chilling, but what would dikata still look cool banget ^ _ ^ You can also self-treatment or cure at any time on the plane or helicopter. Uniquely, you do not need a box P3K, but simply press the left bumper, then several options are available that show how animated you remove the cover from the bullet in your body. For a few seconds long, you will not be able to move, but considering how the drugs you appear back on the map. Some features multiplayer in this game promises satisfaction for the gamer, even after they complete the story flow in the game.

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